Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Drawer Full of Secret Weapons!

Being a girl, if there's one thing I love it's my make up! Every make up user will try new products love some, hate some it all depends, but every girl has their one section where they keep all their favs (aka secret weapons). So now I'm sharing mine! There is definitely a little taste of everything in here from drugstore to high end, so there's something for everyone! 

Here is my most used drawer, the middle one in my vanity. I love how spacious it is!

First up my NYX butt "naked" eyes palette. I picked this up at Nordstrom's Rack a few months ago because it was on sale and I actually really love it. 

I love the fall colors in this palette, perfect for all of winter and fall and possibly even spring! Each color comes in a matte and a glittery color similar to the Lorac Pro Palette. My favorite is the dark purple in the bottom right. It has a hint of shimmer that is perfect for the crease of your eye. This is an 'oh so fabulous' product! AND it was half the price of the Lorac Pro Palette, granite it probably is a little better quality but I believe it is comparable!
As if it couldn't get any better, you slide the bottom out and you're given more hidden beauties! The top row are four different blushes. I personally love the light pink and the electric pink. I love the light pink because it's subtle and gives you just enough color to make it natural. I also love the electric pink because this is that color that can change the entire look of your face. It's that color that says, "Omg, that's gorgeous!" It's just one of those colors! The bottom row is a bronzer and two highlighters. I don't really use bronzers so I cannot testify to how amazing this one is. BUT I can say that I love these two highlighters You can't really tell, but they are shimmery and I know what you're thinking, "Shimmer? What am I twelve?" The shimmer tone in it is very subtle and can rarely be seen. No by no means is this an Hourglass Lighting Powder, but it is a great product for those who don't want to spend $45 on a powder (aka me)

The next item I've had for a few years and this is definitely my favorite palette from Benefit! 
"I'm glam.... therefore I am!"

As you can see, this palette has seen better days! These four colors are just so perfectly pigmented and then blend SO easily! 

Starting with the light pink at the top, it has a soft shimmer to it which I typically use it as a basic highlighter. The next grey it a soft grey and comes off a lot darker than it looks. This color is great for the crease or right below your highlight color. The purple is probably one of my favorite colors ever! It's such a deep rich purple that it comes off so perfectly and it looks gorgeous! Words cannot do it justice, AT ALL. The last color is I charcoal grey. I also really love this color because it is perfect for the outside corner of your eye. Sometimes with darker colors like this it becomes harder to blend, but I have not found this to be true of this  shadow at all! The blush is a pretty blush for summertime, I find that the shimmer doesn't always look best on my pale skin in the winter. The kit also came with Girl Meets Pearl (featured below) and Bad Gal Lash mascara, but that was such a good (and small) mascara that it's long gone. 

These two are perfect little products. One is a primer the other is a face brightener. The Girl Meets Pearl is the face brightener that you put on when your foundation is done. I use this when I'm looking for a natural look and just something to brighten my face up and make my skin glow. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. Now, I'm not one for a primer because I typically just find them a hassle but when I'm in the mood I love this primer because it's sticky free and shine free!

These are two foundations that I've found over the years. The first one is the Clinique even better foundation with an SPF. These are both in shades 01 but they are two different products. The one on the left is call even better, meant to just lightly cover up for an even finish. The one on the right is called moisture surge. I find this product works wonders in the summertime because it gives a light cover up and moisturizes my skin all in one. 

This is the Stay Don't Stray by Benefit and I actually took this from my mom... but I'm glad I did because for days when I need my make-up to last this is what I use to keep my eye shadow from looking like I have been wiping my eyes every five seconds. 

This little kit was the first thing I ever bought from Benefit! I don't know if they still make these or not but if so I highly recommend this kit!

It comes with Erase Paste, Boing in two different shades, That Gal,  Lemon-aid, and eye brighter. Then there is the cute little mirror!

The erase paste goes on before foundation and it comes off orange but once you rub it in and put your foundation on it blends in and does a really great job of hiding large blemishes! I use the boing if I have red spots or any kind of irritation that is on my skin and visible and since I'm so pale and never seem to tan I use the lighter shade 99% of the time! The lemon-aid is for the under eyes and comes off as a matte finish so there is no glitter under your eyes. The eye-bright is make a Jesus fish tail on the corner of my eye to really enhance my eyes. Also, it helps rid of stray eye shadow that got on your face. 

Here is my all time favorite blush from Merle Norman. I have been loving Merle Norman lately, I have some other products from there that you'll see later but this blush goes with my skin tone perfectly and gives a nice soft rose glow (PLUS it didn't cost a fortune!)

So, it looks like a rose color with a hint of purple and that is exactly what it is! I absolutely love this color and would highly suggest this blush for anyone with fair skin. It's really hard to find a blush that doesn't say WOAH she's got blush on, especially if you have fair skin. That's why I am in love with this color. 

Here are some eye shadow kits that have been given to be, all purchase at the Southern Christmas Show from Estee Lauder. On the left I got last Christmas and I really love this one because of the bottom row. The colors remind me of the palette "I'm Glam Therefore I am" from Benefit which is amazing because that palette is quickly dying. The next one is a little more dated and used, it was my mom's from a few years ago that she stopped using and I took over. The purples in this palette are beyond amazing and they are pigmented so well and just come off so nicely. I don't care how old it is, I love this palette and it has to be one of my favorite from Estee Lauder!

I bought this a Ulta for ten dollars (that's why it's so little) after hearing the rave about how great this mascara was. I was a long time fan of Bad Gal Lash so I said why not, it cannot be better. Well, I ate my words because this has to be the best ten dollars I ever spent. This mascara gives your lashes a insane amount of volume and length and the best part is it looks like you have nothing on. It doesn't clump or nothing. It never fails to leave me speechless!

This little foundation is another Merle Norman love! Instead of being oil-based it is actually water based giving it the name Aqua-Balance Makeup. I typically use this is in the spring when I'm getting a little color back to my skin and need something that will still cover while giving me some color. I will say this foundation is thick and so you cannot put your hands anywhere near your face during the day, but it is also long wearing and lasting. 

I love fall lipsticks just because you have this bold lip that at the same times seems subtle to the colors around you. I am in love with these lipsticks from Estee Lauder, their color is gorgeous and give off a beautiful finish. 

What's this? A drugstore gem! Perfect perfect stocking stuffer right here! Ladies, if you're looking for an under eye concealer that really works, get this and you don't have to spend a fortune! I had heard all the excitement about it but I wasn't for sure about it until  I tried it. Holy smokes it really works! A MUST buy for the Holidays!

Here is a little cream eye shadow by Mary Kay. I typically don't do cream shadows but I really like this one for it's shimmer it leaves behind. I can apply it easily with my finger or with a brush! Either way it leaves my eyes looking fabulous!

A girl can't live without her lip glosses! These two glosses go perfectly over the lipsticks above for a clean finish. Look a the red, words cannot define that gorgeous shade of red. 

Here are my little Chanel babies. I picked these up on my trip to San Francisco this summer and I find these colors are so versatile! Gorgeous shades that are perfect for anytime of year!

Mascara has to be one of my favorite things to buy and I have found an obsession with Chanel mascara. 

This one has a thicker brush and does not come off wet. I really just love this product so much that I had to buy two of them!

Here is the other kind that Chanel makes a totally different formula and brush. 

While the brush on the other mascara was this this one is thin and almost like a rubber. It does come off wet but it gives more length compared the other one. 

Another product that I will rave over until I die!

While making a few purchases at Chanel they slipped in some samples of their new Hydra Beauty line. I haven't really used them but from the one time I did, they did not leave my skin oily! Which is always a plus!

I have been in desperate need of a new foundation and I might I have found a pile of gold! This has to be the best foundation I have ever used. It feels like I have nothing on my skin while giving me full coverage! LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation!

Last but not least is the brush I purchased to go along with the foundation. This softest foundation brush of all time is right here! It makes applying foundation so easy and fast! I don't feel like I'm wasting product either!

That is it sophisticates! I hope you enjoyed all of my secret weapons! What are some of your secret weapons? 

Stay Southern & Sophisticated. 


      Hunter Faith